Weston Clark

Full Stack Software Engineer


I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer and Audio Engineer based in Portland, OR. My specialty is building web applications and mobile apps using TypeScript, React.js, Node.js, React Native and Expo.

I am also passionate about building Audio Effect Plugins in C++ with the JUCE framework.

When I'm not coding, you can find me writing and recording music, playing Dungeons & Dragons, or buried deep in the latest Stephen King novel.


  1. Feb 2023 — Present

    Lead development of the AWS Lambda Observability Tool to provide real-time visualizations of Lambda performance data such as function invocations, runtime, throttles, and error logs.

    • TypeScript
    • React
    • Chart.js
    • Node.js
    • Express
    • MongoDB
  2. Jan 2019 — Feb 2023

    Designed user interfaces and backend logic for distributed audio systems and provided audio networking and programming services for live concerts.

    • DiGiCo
    • Avid
    • Meyer Sound
    • D&B
    • ProTools
    • Q-SYS
    • C++
  3. Jan 2018 — Jan 2019

    Oversaw technical department for a church of 5,000 members, managing, scheduling, and training a team of 50 technical staff and volunteers to ensure proper staffing for live events.

    • Creative Design
    • Planning Center
    • Scheduling
    • Budgeting
    • Technical Training
    • Troubleshooting


  1. Full Stack digital marketplace built with Next.js. Includes an admin dashboard, email verification, full cart functionality, and a checkout system with the Stripe API.

    • Next.js
    • Payload CMS
    • React Email
    • Stripe API
    • shadcn/ui
    • PostgreSQL
  2. Digital Audio EQ plugin with high low pass filters and a fully parametric band. Compiles down to RTAS, AAX, and VST formats natively.

    • C++
    • JUCE
    • Audio DSP
    • CMake